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Amman, Jordan Bayader Wadi Al Seer, Industrial Area

About us

We're excited to embark on this journey together and provide you with exceptional service and value every step of the way.

Since early stage we developed a growth plan, and opened an outlet in the local market for tempered glass applications, for example doors and Partitions and others, in addition to offering a tray of profound solutions in the glass sector.

Aalam Albehar was established in 1998.

Aalam Albehar accomplished an advanced position in the local market, to become a leading company and introduced innovative systems such as folding Insect Screens, Panorama Facades and Pergola Systems of all kinds.

Our vision and mission are oriented to keep this achievement, continuously improve our services and products to cope with latest technology and meet our customers expectations.

Choosing Us: Here's Why

Aalam Albehar Proudly serves in four countries

Company Strategy

The company’s strategy is based on the ability, efficiency and professionalism of its staff and management, who strive to achieve the company’s goals by supplying high quality products and providing first-class services and effectively contributing to the country’s economic development and compliance with HSE standards.

OUR Vision

To provide quality products and services that exceeds the expectations of customers.

OUR Mission

Build long term relationships with our customers and provide exceptional services to them by providing all new Glass and Pergola systems.

Our qualified team of consultants, engineers, technicians and supporters are working under the supervision of a distinguished management.

We are looking for opportunities of success and excellence to lead the company to prosperity and development in a manner to overcome the barriers and strives to maintain its position.

To stay as a leading company, and reserve advanced ranks, we comply with highest professional standards.

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